S.W.A.T. at ENRGi Fitness

Where:ENRGi, River North, 215 W. Ohio AveENRGiLogo2016.10.7

What: S.W.A.T, Sunday @ 10:00AM

Duration: 45 minute

Instructor: Hayden Voss

Shortly after I signed up for ClassPass I added “ENRGi” as a favorite studio. I’m not sure exactly why-maybe it was the neon green monkey bars that drew me in but despite my initial hearting, it took me almost six weeks to make it to my first class-and I regret that I waited so long because I LOVED it. S.W.A.T stands for Sweat, Work, Accelerate, Transform and is a circuit that focuses on cardio and muscle building. I attended the 45 minute class but there is also a 30 minute and 60 minute option as well. I personally thought 45 minutes was a good amount of time as 30 minutes may feel a little cramped and an hour would have left me dead on the floor.

First, the space where S.W.A.T. takes place is very small. It is the area immediately next to the front desk when you walk in and there are four air bikes, 4 ski ergs, 4 ergs, 4 treadmills, and a small turf area with the aforementioned green monkey bars. This set up changes depending on the instructor and class structure each day.  There are lockers on the back wall and a locker room with showers, standard products, and more (smaller) lockers. There is also a set of stairs that leads downstairs to three more additional studios.

For me, a fitness class newbie, this class was different than all the classes I have done and presented a slew of new challenges, making me really love it. Class began with a warm up of either a run around the block (what I chose) or runs up and down the building stairwell. Hayden then introduced himself and walked through the workout, which was also posted on the wipe board. This particular workout was structured in the following way:

4.5 minutes at each stations, the stations with weights had an inverted pyramid of reps, alternating between each exercise

  • Treadmill (goal – .75 mile)
  • Pike Ups/Kettlebell swings
  • Row (goal – 1100 meters)
  • Pull-Ups/Squat dumbbell swings
  • Air Bike (goal – 1.75 miles)
  • Wall Balls/Push-ups on the ball

I personally like having specific cardio goals at each station since it helped keep you focused and motivated. The pike ups and pull-ups for me were incredibly challenging as they are not currently incorporated into my routine and I loved the challenge.  There are giant rubber bands for assisted pull-ups for those of us who need to modify the pull ups. While it is a small space I never felt cramped in this workout and thought that everyone was spaced out well with 4 people per station. Hayden was a great instructor and took the time to introduce himself to me (as he didn’t know me) and chat a bit. He kept an eye on everyone and made form adjustments and modifications for everyone as needed. The music was also a nice change from your typical pop and hip-hop at a lot of places as it broke out some early 2000 angry rock (Limp Bizkit anyone?)

One other item to note is I really enjoyed the people in this class. My group mates and I chatted and bonded while our hands were rubbed raw from the pike ups, a welcome and openness that I did not experience in other classes. Overall I loved this class and am itching to try more classes at ENRGI.

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